Let’s talk about Portable cheap glass pipes for busy days

NewYearHonestly, I have been very busy and haven’t time to sit down and smoke glass pipes regularly. As a matter of fact, I had been so super busy last two months that I barely got the time to call my friends over to share a loaded bowl of December flavor. But that doesn’t really mean that I haven’t smoked water bongs all these months! So, what’s my solution? Portable glass water pipes – yes you have heard that right! These are simply incredible.

Have you ever watched the recent collection of the cheap glass pipes? If not then you are actually missing quite a bit! In fact I have been taking portable water bongs with me to work and I have been smoking it on the way home from work. Well I am sure, the veteran smokers might be turned off with this idea, but I carry instant light coals with me and light up in my car after work! I live just a half n hour away from where I work and that’s the right amount of time to enjoy a small glass bowl whatsoever

Okay, so you don’t have a portable hookah, right? No problem! Browse through the detail range of water pipes for sale and find one, which you can set up in your car. Make sure that you select the one with a wind guard built onto it to prevent it from falling over and spilling coal out on the car carpet. It’s so simple and all you have to do is to set it up just like you do at home and simply make sure that you bring the smoking equipment, the glass ash catcher and the ‘smokeables. I usually carry a water bottle with water to fill the base; the coals, shisha, tongs, a lighter, and a coffee mug remain inside my zipperbag.

So, first I light my charcoal and as this is typically an instant light, it simply needs a moment to heat and by then I prepare the rest of my hookah. I simply place the coal in the tongs and hang it over the coffee mug. Then I fill up my water bongs base with the water from the water bottle. Next is the shisha. It is however useful to mention here that I also carry an extra set of tongs to chop up the shisha and handle it. And then the screen goes on, and if you do not have screens you can always use the foil on the bowl.

Yes, I drive and smoke all the way home with my portable cheap glass pipes!


Paint your personality with the modern water pipes

HolidaysTake it in writing you will be simply bowled over. Yes, they will simply enchant you with their charm, grandeur and oriental opulence. Wait, more mystery and more magic however awaits you when you check the incredible range of the water pipes for sale.

The designs and styles are mysterious and the colors are even magical. And if you are still raising your brow n anticipation then relax because we are talking about the cheap glass pipes range that has now become choice of the era. Since time immemorial people have been trying to introduce mystic charm into their passion. So whenever you look for the attractive offers in the water pipes for sale, keep that aspect in mind whether or not they are able to give you the required charm and mystery, which you might be looking for! And if like many you also want to make an ultimate expression of your attitude, bring home the water bongs to spice up all those quiet hours!

Perhaps you are an aficionado of the royal stories and when you go through the stories of oriental luxury, when you visualize the Kings with their grand hookahs, you desire to transport yourself in their time and arena almost in an instant. However, moving back in time is impossible in reality but there are certain novel methods. And the encapsulation of that novelty is the modern glass water pipes. The experienced smokers know that briar and meerschaum have been ruling the roost for quite some time for the pipe lovers. Meerschaum pipes have even entered the lexicon of the collectors. The modern glass bongs have been made keeping that aspect in the mind.

Just a casual glance at the history of smoking will unfurl a simple fact – people have literally left no stone unturned to bring versatility and hence the designers have been also keeping themselves updated with all the new designs to bring versatility in their designs. In fact when the royals of the ancient times used to indulge themselves with the charm of smoking, then the grandeur was the sole consideration. People are the lovers of grandeur. But with the change of time flexibility has also crept into their lexicon. So these two considerations are however vital along with distinctiveness of the modern pipe designing.

Based upon the preferences of different individuals, the colors have been added. It may be crimson grandeur or blue mystery or brown, whatever you like, will be catered to you. Take a look at the water pipes for sale and bring home the design you prefer.  A number of accessories have also made their presence felt and the new age range of glass ash catcher is one such example. The item is used in prolonging the smoking session whatsoever.

Get ready to paint your personality with the charm of variegated design and color with these crisply design pipes and get that in attractive prices and be the cynosure of all eyes.

Tips, tricks and ideas for next glass water pipes session

logoIt is all about enjoying the glass bowls session with crispy, billowing smoke. Although taste is subjective still hookah aficionados from all part of the world however likes to enjoy thick, cool smoke to transport them to the land of the Arabian Nights and perfumed palaces.

Here are a few tricks and tips from a hookah pro to make your smoking session bigger!

Trick 1: If you are serious about prolonging your smoking session then add a glass ash catcher this time. Now enjoy an uninterrupted smoking session

(Keep in mind, before you even start smoking your hookah, place the charcoal on the outside of the bowl and start to work it around the edges of the bowl. Remember, the bowl center however should be the last place, where the charcoal is placed. )

Trick 2: The trick for getting cooler smoke lies in the placing your dry hookah Hose inside of the freezer 20 to 45 minutes before you smoke.

Trick 3: And now for a flavorful and sweeter smoke, you can add some wine to the top two inches of the water in the base of your Glass bowls. Now enjoy a happier smoke

Trick 4: Enjoy the glass water pipes smoking session with a cool refreshing taste by mixing mint with other flavors.

Trick 5: Once you are done poking your holes in the foil, blow the glass pipes through the bottom of the bowl. This will however help you to prevent any shisha from getting stuck while making your hookah pull better.

Glass bowls mixing tips

Tip 1: Try to put 1/3 soda with water and add a “cola flavored” shisha tobacco to enjoy the cola taste.

Tip 2: How about enjoying an Arabic coffee flavor? For this fill your water bongs with Arabic coffee flavored tobacco and then instead of water put iced coffee with just an iota dash of milk. Smoke your cappuccino this time

Tip 3: Going old school by mixing lemon juice, orange juice, or some other fruit flavor is always good. You can use fruit skins in the base for further advantages.

And here is the final tip – there is no dearth of online head shops selling water bowls of varied style however you should dig out only a legitimate site to browse through their incredible range of water pipes for sale.

Cheap Water Bongs are now available in many designs!

Glass BongsBe honest, have you ever come across the new age Glass Bowls, which has now taken he world by storm? Indeed the glass pipes not only stands as the ultimate smoking gear but they have become the literal expression of the secret wants and desires of human minds!

As a matter of fact, with the change of time, the very concept of pipe designing has witnessed a huge change. And if you want to be part of that change, you have to get one and hold it in your hands in order to make that ultimate delicate expression.  Let’s face the fact, we as humans love imagining and almost always we want to name our imagination. Perhaps we all want to fly our imagination beyond the limit. So the people, who know the nuances the inherent nuances of the human mind, want to give it a shape. And for the pipe smokers, it has been materialized in the shape of delicately designed glass water pipes.

The market is now almost crammed with a number of hookah, which are now available in many shapes, style and varieties. The World Wide Web has also left the door ajar to state of the art water pipes for sale to keep your needs covered. My dear hookah aficionado, do you love animals? And would you be interested to surround yourself with the delicately designed pipes shaped in the form of the animals? It’s possible and all you have to do is to dig out a legitimate web portal to find our cheap glass pipes which suits your need, budget and o yes, your taste of course. So, take a look at the new animal shaped pipes. It may be horse, it may be an elephant, it may be turtle or even it may be a bird, waiting for you to explore. Doesn’t really matter, what your preference may be, the product basket includes everything. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The designers are doing the thorough research the crazy desire if the consumers. In fact people become crazy when they indulge into their passions. So the designers are doing that while keeping in mind the requirements of the people. They are designing the glass water pipes with variegated charm and unique style. They know that the desires and the urges of the people are not at all identical. So how will it be possible, that their choices will be identical? The colors are different. The shades of the Water Bongs are different. If you take one you will be really astonished to observe the style and the fashion of these novel pipes.

Well, not just the pipes but exemplary designs can now be noticed in the style and shapes of the glass ash catcher as well. And if you are talking about the price, you will be really shocked that they come at such a catchy price. So get one and be the envy.

Why should you buy Cheap Glass Pipes online?

Glass Water PipesHave you ever tried adding a dimension to those indolent moon and lazy evenings? If not then you are missing out a lot. As a matter of fact your glass bowl is such a thing which simply does that. So keep your eyes and ears open and wherever you find the phrase Water Pipes for sale, do not miss to check out the range to dig out the piece after your liking.

Still reality is different and even if you love the idea of ‘bubbling’ the smoke through water bongs, however you might not know the exact place to find it. Try the online channels this time and you will be amazed to find their incredible collection of Cheap Glass Pipes.

The history of tobacco smoking is long and rich and in fact goes back to 5000 BC in South America, where the first cultivation of the tobacco began. Indeed the evolution has resulted in the smoking of hookahs, bongs and the modern glass pipes. However the art of smoking tobacco got a new dimension in the time of the Indian emperor Akbar. In the courtroom of Akbar a Persian physician first passed the smoke of tobacco to pass through the bowl of water which helps to purify it. Yes, that was just the beginning of a new fashion of smoking glass water pipes. However the modern day pipes are lot different from that but they still ooze out the essential charm of the old world.

Check the variegated glass water pipes and get ready to make a customized statement suited for your trendy expression. The best part is, even the names of the modern Water Bongs have been selected while keeping their unique charm in mind. Take for instance the example of the misty blue glass water pipes. The azure charm of it is surely going to bowl you over.

An incredible range of glass ash catcher is also available to prolong your smoking session. Of course modern glass pipes are available in an exciting range, in staggering price range and also with incredible discounts.  I know you simply can’t lose the opportunity of seducing your own self and this time enhance your attitude with the enchanting charm with the Cheap Glass Pipes. Did you know, glass water pipes are also an exotic party idea as well? Yes, it’s a fact indeed so this winter jazz up your party mood with a bubbly break!

How to choose from Glass Pipes for sale

Glass Water PipesFinally it has happened. At last the oriental luxury has broken all the pits and boundaries and has entered the modern time. Today’s Glass Bowls are a far cry of the yesteryear’s Narghile and stands as an exotic party idea. The market is also crammed with varied types of glass pipes for sale.

Options are practically endless and guess what – you will simply feel like lost between Alice in Wonderland and Cheech and Chong when the time finally comes to buy glass water pipes online.

So, what’s the way out? Simple indeed! For buying Cheap Glass Pipes all you need is to have firsthand knowledge on selecting the water bongs that caters to your need and budget.

Here is a brief guide to assist you decide on the glass water pipes.

Syrian hookahs: I bet these are arguable one of the best. Seamlessly designed and wee-crafted, they offer smoke that is almost incomparable. Strong, sturdy, stylish and uncommon these are great to behold and good to own!

Egyptian glass pipes: These are the traditional type. In fact, these are the kind which you would be able to get at the authentic shisha bars. These are tall, elaborate, ornately designed and offer a wonderful smoke. ‘Awesome!’ – did you say by the way? You are so correct and these Glass bowls are simply great to have around the house. Keep in mind, as these are not handy hence they are not easy to navigate around.

Lebanese water pipes: You can also find the Lebanese shishas, which are elaborately designed and ornately styled to suit your preference. Usually hand-crafted these are just the piece of art Shiny, yet elegant, your Lebanese glass water pipes are just the right conversation starter. Yes, they have all of the tassels and frills you’d expect, such as the base being covered with decorated metal work, jewels adoring the bass, colored inlay in your stem and much more.

Turkish shishas:  Piece of their own category the Turkish glass water pipes ranges from really small to the extravagantly large ones. These are available in almost every shape from simple and elegant to down to earth, from elaborate ones to absolutely breath-taking!

Customized glass water pipes: These are the glass bowls, which stands as the ultimate culmination of old-world style & new-world convenience. With portability as one of the primary factor these Glass Pipes ideally matches your on-the-go lifestyle.

And now with the online head shops hitting the market hard there is something to choose from the arrays of display cases and shelves jam-packed full of water pipes and glass ash catcher.

Tips for smoking tobacco free glass pipes

Glass PipesGlass pipes are a preferred with current smokers as they have an elegant sense and grace when they are detained and smoked. However, you need to keep your water bongs absolutely clean because the Glass water pipes can obtain of dirty and turn into overflowing with remains. The good idea is at least puff the ashes of their pipe after each use and the bowl is clear and with toothpick.

An expert will clean the bowl and with alcohol after every use remove the predictable resin approximately the rim. People basically want to wash their water pipes with hot soapy water however you can also clean your glass bowl with salt and little warm water.

The world is going round and round about cheap glass pipes hence with this the next important question hangs oddly – what’s so great about glass water pipes smoking? Well, you can only understand once you smoke it!

Worry not if you do not like to smoke tobacco because Glass pipes smoking simply do not simply end at tobacco smoking. You can try out some cool homemade recipes with lush fruit juices or smoothies. You can try orange juice, apple or even the mixed fruit juice to add myriad flavor to the tobacco. Well, Smoking molasses in water pipes with or without tobacco is equally popular and now you can choose to smoke shisha with only fruit molasses to avoid tobacco completely.

Some homemade shisha recipes to make and enjoy your own glass water pipes:

Mango shisha-:( marinated) first cut the mango pieces finely and mix with tobacco. Now mix the honey and glycerin evenly from the top.  Cover it and let it marinade for 6 to 7 hours. Fill the base of your glass water pipes with mango juice and ice.

Banana shisha-:( cooked) this is quite an interesting recipe and it can be prepared by cooking bananas. Cut the bananas into pieces and start cooking it. Now add tobacco till it reaches a thick consistency. Add molasses or honey and glycerin evenly.

Doesn’t really matter which fruit you want to use as the flavoring agent- keeping the ratio of the ingredients properly is important – rule of the thumb is – 20% flavor or fruits, 30% tobacco, 25% glycerin, 25% honey.

You may use kiwi, apple, peach, pineapple, lemon, chocolate, blueberry, strawberry, orange, banana, cherries, watermelon, vanilla almost any fruit and every fruit under the sun. Or else you can also fill the base of the hookah with cola, mango or any other fruit juice! Another cool tip – do not forget to attach the glass ash catcher in order to prolong your smoking session.

The wide range of water pipes for sale remains as the ultimate connection to the past because hookahs still whispers the tale of the Arabian nights; the bubbling sound still oozes sinuous tune of belly dance!